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Top 5 Child Insurance Plan in LIC

Right now, the insurance company holds a vast customer base of more than 250 million lives. It strives to maintain the same service and pricing of products in the ever-competitive insurance sector. LIC is known to offer a wide range of insurance products. The LIC Agent In Delhi will have child plans, protection plans in term plan forms, and savings and investment plans available in conventional form or ULIP.

The child insurance plans you get from LIC Agent In Gurgaon are designed to ensure a financially secure future for your little ones and to help them procure the major milestones. Furthermore, the plans offer life protection to the child in case of any eventuality. Let’s focus on the top 5 child insurance plans you can get your hands on from LIC Agent In Noida now.

1. LIC New Children’s Money Back Plan:

It is considered to be a non-linked, participating, money-back traditional plan, which is a tailor-made scheme. It caters to the education, marriage, and some other needs of growing kids through the survival benefits.

  • Furthermore, this form LIC Child Plan will offer a rick-cover on the children’s lives during the policy term and for survival benefits survival to the end of the given time frame.

From here, you will receive death benefits. During unfortunate circumstances of the demise of life, the death benefit is payable on the demise of the life assured before the commencement date of risk, on the life assurer’s demise after the commencement date of risk, and more.

2. LIC Jeevan Tarun:

If you are looking for a non-linking participating limited premium payment plan for your child, then LIC Agent In Delhi provides you with LIC Jeevan Tarun over here.

  • The main goal of this plan is to offer the combined benefit of savings along with life protection features for kids.

    This plan will cater to the educational and the other financial needs of all the growing children out there.

It is one participating LIC child plan that is eligible to earn bonuses based on the profit experience of the company.

3. LIC Bima Jyoti:

Join hands with the best and most trustworthy LIC Agent In Gurgaon to get hands-on LIC Bima Jyoti. It is a non-participating savings plan, which you can purchase online or offline.

  • From here, you will receive a guaranteed hefty amount if the life assured survives till the plan matures.

    Get to enjoy loan facilities that will allow you to avail yourself of the much-needed funds during the coverage tenure.

From here, you will receive guaranteed additions of around 5% of the basic sum, as assured every policy year!

4. LIC Bachat Plus

LIC Bachat Plus is noted to be a participating endowment plan, which will offer enhanced corpus for the child’s future through the bonus additions. There are two optional riders over here to enhance the coverage value.

Furthermore, you get to avail of maturity benefits on an instalment basis through the proper settlement feature that comes with the plan. There are loyalty additions during the time of maturity or death.

5. LIC New Bima Bachat:

Get in touch with the LIC Agent In Noida for the New Bima Bachat plan. It is a single premium, participating, a money-back plan that helps you to build a corpus with a one-time payment. After reaching the maturity level, the single premium is returned with the loyalty additions. There will be a settlement option, as well, to receive maturity benefit over the chosen span of 5, 10, or 15 years in place of a lump sum amount.

These are the top 5 options under LIC Child Plan to choose from. Go through all the possible options before finalizing the plan you want to secure your child’s future.