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    LIC Best Plan – Jeevan Umang

  • Plan gives coverage for whole life i.e. till 100 years.
  • Guaranteed 8% of Sum Assured as money back every year after premium paying term for life.
  • Available for a 90 days child to a 56-year-old adult.
  • Flexible premium paying term of 15/20/25/30 years.
  • Tax free death claim, money back and maturity under section 10 D.
  • Premiums paid can be claimed under section 80C.
  • we are the best LIC Agent in Delhi, Noid & Gurgaon Location

    Have You Started Saving For Your Child's Future?Invest In LIC Child Plan

  • Build a good corpus to support your child’s education, marriage or business set up plans in future.
  • Plans come with Premium Waiver benefit (PWB) i.e. benefits shall continue to come even if proposer is no longer alive.
  • No further payment of premium.
  • Flexibility to choose from 15 to 25 years term.
  • Available from 90 days.
  • Jeevan Lakshya (also know as Kanyadan plan), Children Money back and Jeevan Tarun plans available.
  • All maturity are tax free.
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Enjoy A Tension Free LIC Retirement Plan

1:Invest in one go Retirement Plan:

  • Invest a lumpsum amount and earn guaranteed returns for life.
  • Rate of interest protection for life. Rates do not fluctuate. Remains same unlike Bank FDs.
  • Rates guaranteed for primary annuitant, thereafter to second annuitant and then purchase price shall be paid to nominee
  • 2:Invest in instalments:

  • Invest small amount (SIP) in Monthly or yearly basis for a set period of 15/20/25 years.
  • Build a corpus amount to suit your retirement requirements.
  • Withdraw in one go or partially as per your requirement.
  • Withdraw in one go or partially as per your requirement.
  • All payment are tax free.
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    Millennials, Increase On Your Income And Decrease On Tax Liability With LIC Tax Saving Plan

  • Invest on monthly basis (SIP) as low as Rs 2000.
  • Build a corpus amount for future use as per different life stages.
  • Limited payment plans. Invest for lesser time. Maturity at a later time. Less liability.
  • Best plan for today’s generation as liability is less
  • Additional Insurance coverage
  • Tax Saving under section 80c
  • Maturity is tax free.

    Money Back LIC Plans

  • Get Money Back at regular intervals.
  • Helps meet small expenses like oversees vacation, child admission into school. Interior decoration, buying a car/laptop etc.
  • Insurance and maturity available as well.
  • Best plan for females

    LIC Term Insurance Plans

  • Pure Insurance plan
  • Flexibility to Choose sum assured (SA) as either Level SA or Increasing SA.
  • Flexibility will be there in choosing mode of receiving the amount of death claim, Lumpsum payment or a part of it in lump sum and a part in instalments over a chosen period of 5, 10 or 15 years.
  • Flexibility to choose premium – Single Premium, Regular Premium and Limited Premium. Under Limited Premium, the two options of Premium Paying Term (PPT) are – 5 years less than the Policy Term and 10 years less than the Policy Term.
  • Available for adults between 18 to 65 years.
  • Maximum coverage until 80 years. Best in industry.

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