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Get best LIC policy for 5 years

LIC is always known to present multiple kinds of attractive plans, which can last for a period of 5 years. Under these significant plans, the public life insurance firm will offer major options to address. Some of those are retirement plans, micro insurance and group insurance. These are mainly LIC Tax Saving Plans and working with an LIC agent will let you know more about these terms in details.

LIC will present multiple hosts of the insurance plans to the customers. These plans are mostly based on the prominent features. You have LIC health insurance plans, child plans, life insurance plans and retirement plans to say the least. So, now the customers have multiple policies to choose from and make decisions of their financial capacity in general.

How to choose:

An LIC Agent Delhi will actually help you to know how you can possibly choose the best 5 years plan from the same source. There are various reasons to choose 5-year insurance plans like easy understandable terms, shorter form of premium payment plans, open option to change the scheme to longer one later and more. So, without wasting time, it is important to know more about the LIC plans available in the market.

Retirement Plans:

These retirement plans are stated to be the best financial tool, which will cover your family’s future needs when you retire from work. Here, you get the chance to save and then invest so that you will have a good number of disposable funds in your hand later. Some of the best retirement plans that you can get from the house of LIC are listed below for your reference.

  • Jeevan Akshaya VI:

If you are planning to pay upfront a large sum of money and procure retirement solutions, this plan is what you need to cover. Then the policy holder can choose the annuity payment interval and it will be chosen from the monthly, quarterly, yearly ad half-yearly plans under this section.

  • LIC’s New Jeevan Nidhi:

This is one conventional form of insurance plans as procured from LIC Agent In Gurgaon . It will provide the ultimate profit to those policy holders and presenting a perfect combination of the protection and savings plans. You can purchase this plan once and it will present death benefit as annuity to nominee. Moreover, you will receive maturity benefit in annuity after vesting of amount.

Micro-insurance plans:

Micro insurance plans will be that perfect mix of the investment, savings and insurance plans. These plans are of 5 years from the house of LIC and one major micro-insurance plan is noted below to check out.

  • New Jeevan Mangal Plan

This is one form of micro-insurance plan, which will present premium returns of the policy and cover the insured person for any form of accidental benefit. Here, the policy period is applicable for tenure of 5 years and only for those 5 years of premium paying term and not more than that.

Group Insurance Plans:

If you own a company then group insurance plan is the one to watch out for. It will provide the insurance to employees as one added perk and will let more people in your firm. LIC is already working with some of the big names in the market and presenting them with group insurance plans. So, let’s find out more about these plans right away!

  • LIC’s Group Credit Life Insurance:

It is going to be one non-participating and non-linked group insurance scheme, which will provide insurance amount on the death of any group member when the policy is already in force.

  • LIC’s Single Premium Group Insurance:

It is one non-linked and non-participating single premium group plan. It presents a flat amount as the death benefit of the member of group during the policy’s term. Any employer can opt for this plan for his employee or by any homogenous group as well.

Easy steps to get hands on the insurance policy:

Now, if you think about it, there are so many insurance plans and policies procured from the house of LIC. You can ask LIC Agent In Noida for the best ones to choose, but he will suggest you with multiple options making it all the more confusing for you to address. Well, some of the points listed below might help you to chalk out the right plan.

  • Customers can purchase the 5 years of insurance policy from either online sources or by giving any of the official LIC offices a visit.
  • If you are making plans to get the policy online, then the LIC website will present you with an online application form. Make sure to fill out the steps well and with accurate information. You need to cross-check your information before pressing the send button.
  • Filling up the online application form will help the LIC representatives to contact you with regards to the insurance that you are planning to avail right now.
  • Moreover, you will be amazed to know that LIC has offices in every town and city in your country. So, directly contacting the best LIC agent from the nearby office won’t be a tough challenge for you to address.
  • You can directly contact any of these offices to gain some more information about the 5-year term insurance plans, and also to purchase LIC insurance schemes from their sides.
  • On the other hand, if you are looking for other ways to contact an LIC agent or representative, you can easily do that as well. You can contact the LIC customer care representative through phone and get some more details about the insurance policies by the firm.
  • From 1st of July, 2017, there has been a GST of 18% added on the life insurance plans. So, make sure to keep this point in mind as well, before you focus on any of the insurance plans to cover over here.

If you are trying to go the LIC policy for 5 years, the above-mentioned options will be the most promising ones you can give out a try. Just make sure to get along with these options first and check whichever one seems to fit right.